Status Update

I thought this might be a good time to do one of these. I tend to assume that everyone reads twitter, or /m/, so I just don’t do regular blog posts. I’m just gonna list out some of the bigger questions/comments we’ve been getting.

1. Now that Kakuranger’s done you’re totally starting Gingaman now, right?

Kakuranger in no way delayed, inconvenienced, or had anything to do with preventing us from us from working on Gingaman. Kou’s been done with translating Kaku for months, and Gingaman was started the week after we finished Megaranger. The two projects never clashed in any way whatsoever.


As of writing this, Episode 23 is translated. We’re going to release 1-25 in a batch (With this you get a good amount of plot and it ends at a nice place for batching) and then the rest is weekly releases of one to two episodes at a time. I won’t give an exact ETA because if I do subninjas will murder me. So far, our weekly groove is two episodes a week, but again, no definite ETA other than Soon-ish.


It’ll be finished eventually, and then OT will do S.

3. OLE?

Eventually. The plan is to release 1-8 and then weeklies. The first 8 Ohranger episodes is everything up until the massive retool. We’ll have a whole post about that when the time comes.

4. Megaranger VS Carranger when?!

Once Haroranger releases all of Carranger then you’ll get this because it spoils the ending to Car a bit. And before you ask, Ginga vs Mega takes place after Gingaman ends.

5. Decade?

Magenta has finished his HeartCatch Precure duties, and will be working on Decade soon, hopefully.

I think that’s just about everything!




21 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. Ultraman Cosmos when? You know that’s what you were actually hinting at with your hints, not either of the things you mentioned here.

    Don’t even front.

  2. The only other questions I can think of are:

    1. Will Megaranger vs Carranger actually be a joint between you and Harorangers?

    2. Any plans for Ohranger vs. Kakuranger esp since Kakuranger is now done?

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