Megaranger 49


This episode is perhaps one of the heaviest episodes thus far. It’s just flat out depressing! I’m not saying it’s a bad episode, in fact it’s an amazing episode, but it is depressing. It’s one of those episodes where everything that can go wrong does and there’s no break for our heroes. If you come out of this without feeling sad then you are one stone cold person. Brace yourselves.


5 thoughts on “Megaranger 49

  1. Sorry if this was brought up before but I remember this series was released in MP4 early on, will the rest of the series be released that way too at some point or is it permanently MKV?

    • Yep like Cheif said whenever I upload them, oh yeah I should probably mention they are up now.

      If you don’t know where to find them it’s Downloads (at the top of the page) > Megaranger > DDL and all the MP4s (and AVIs but they are quite poopy, just in general :P) are in there 😀

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