Megaranger 46

If it took you 46 episodes to realize his greatness, then you're a lost cause


I hope you like boats and stock footage of boats because that’s this week’s episode in a nutshell. I’m kidding, it’s actually a really great episode, but there’s a bit of boat stock footage that’s just inserted into some weird places. For example, there’s scenes where you hear a character walking, or talking, yet you’re looking at boat stock footage. Gotta sell those ferry tickets! For those who care, the boat featured in this episode is a car ferry named the Sunflower Satsuma. It was built in 1993 and, as of this writing, is still in active service. There’s even a 1/700 scale model you can buy on HLJ  (which can apparently be motorized for some “exciting bathtub action”). If you care enough you can even stalk/track it using this site. Thankfully this boat was so easy to look up that I didn’t have to waste a half hour googling it, unlike that episode of Zubat with the train. Or that hour I lost trying to identify that train in Goseiger that I still haven’t found. I’ll find out what that stupid thing is one of these days. Or I’ll just go back to playing Pokemon. Yeah, I’m gonna go back to playing Pokemon. Enjoy the episode!

I just wasted a whole release post talking about a stupid boat. Dammit!


EDIT: JeffB sent me this link to Sunflower Ferry’s english site.


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