Megaranger 44-45



Sorry for the wait, and Happy belated New Year! A new year means new haircuts for all our heroes! I don’t get it either. Mega 44 is a recap episode that actually has a plot to it. It’s pretty funny, and if you’re the type to skip the clip shows I’d give it  shot. How could you possible skip Kenta shenanigans anyways?  It also helps set up episode 45, which makes 44 the literal calm before the storm. 45 is where the final arc of the show begins and features the return of the two best side characters this show has. It’s wicked good. Ever wonder where Kunekune come from? Anyways, enjoy the two pack and we’ll see you again next week.


4 thoughts on “Megaranger 44-45

  1. It’s amazing that those two are essentially Megaranger’s Bulk and Skull…and that one of them is essentially Boi! As great as they are, this is definitely building up to their usage in the last three…

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