Megaranger 42-43

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! Who’d have thought that we’d get to release the Christmas episodes at Christmas time? What a great coincidence, and what an even greater set of episodes to end the year with. Nezirezia is going all out and causing a silent night for out heroes. Can Miku keep her mouth shut? Can Yuusaku be any more awesome? Does INET have some Christmas surprises for us? Can Hinelar get any more evil? Watch and find out! Now, go grab a cold glass of egg nog, listen to the Carranger Christmas Album, and then enjoy this holiday epic. Also, make sure to play plenty of video games over the holiday! It’s what Kenta would do.

We wish you all a Mega Christmas, and thanks for putting up with us this year! Let’s hope 2014 is as Mega as 2013.


3 thoughts on “Megaranger 42-43

  1. Hoo boy, the Christmas two-parter. Yeah, this feels definitive for ending things…but really it’s just setting things up for the post-holidays arc. (I can’t quite say the endgame because…)

  2. Hello, MegaAnon
    First, i’d like to thank you for all the wonderful series you’ve subbed for us. I am sure you worked really hard on them. Sadly, i have something unpleasant to report. There is some brazilian blog that has unauthorizedly taken your subs for Megaranger and translated it to portuguese. I tried to convince the owner to give you the proper credits, but he refused to. Please, contact me if you are interested to know the whole thing.

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