Megaranger 40

It's the best friends forever, best friends forever photo!


Time for another Pink and Yellow episode! These two seem to get some of the best episodes, and this one is no exception. Even Nexi Pink and Yellow are getting in on the fun! One interesting note about this episode is that the character “Girl” is played by Ooshima Yuuko who would later become a member of this unknown, and highly obscure, group called AKB48. Despite her character’s name, you can’t miss her and she even has a speaking line. AKB fans should enjoy that. The rest of us will just be admiring the rest of the episode. (AKB scares me) Enjoy the episode!


4 thoughts on “Megaranger 40

  1. You know if it weren’t for Queen and Elizabeth (or that song from “Wreck-It Ralph”), that AKB garbage wouldn’t matter.

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