Megaranger 38

Things just got incredibly twisted around here...


This whole episode is just amazing. A new set of bad guys, some plot developments, and it’s a Kubota focus episode? How could it get any better than this?! Just look at those suits! Classy, and evil all rolled into one. Like I said, this is a Kubota focus episode and he really gets the spotlight. Anytime Kubota does something it’s gonna be awesome. Why? Because Kubota is the best. So, go on and enjoy the episode, we’ll be back next week!


Unrelated Trivia: Today, coincidentally, marks 1 year since we finished subbing Zyuranger. Time flies, huh? Now go watch some Zyuranger!


10 thoughts on “Megaranger 38

    • It’s normally good etiquette not to ask sub groups about plans and stuff, but personally I’d love someone to fully sub Oh at some point, granted that could be because I loved Zeo (Note: I have no influence on what this group do, just wanted to make sure you know that, I’m only the lowly hardsub encoder :P).

      But Hikari-Senshi have 16 episodes of GoGoV out at the moment, just in case you didn’t know you may already do in which case this info is pointless.

  1. Series was always twisted prior to now…but yeah, once the Neziranger arrive, the show enters epic territory. Thanks for getting us to this point.

    • NO. The torrent is not still downloadable. Grab the torrent that has all 51 episodes and watch it from there. (And don’t one of those weirdos that only watches 38. Watch the entire show)

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