Megaranger 35-36

Have you tried upgrading your firmware?


[IF YOUR TORRENT IS STUCK AT 99% DOWNLOAD THE TORRENT AGAIN (Mega made a oopsie, and it’s fixed now)]

This week you get a double dose of MegaSilver. If you’re a big fan of Yuusaku (you should be) then you’re gonna love these episodes. You might have noticed that MegaSilver hasn’t really been around much lately, but there’s good reason for that and it’s gonna be explained. In addition to all this silvery awesomeness there’s also some great monster designs. Hinelar’s really getting creative with these Psycho Nezira’s (especially next week’s but that’s another story). And on a final note: Hayakawa Ken is now officially the second best Hayakawa. Who’s the first? Watch these episodes and find out!


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