Megaranger 34




If you’re expecting some sort of Halloween episode, then sorry. Instead you’re getting an episode about soccer. It’s also a Kouichiro focus episode, which is actually pretty nice. Nezirezia’s plan is pretty cool this week, as is the Monster of the week as well. Gotta admit, it’s not an animal I thought I’d see in a Sentai show. Apparently, from what I can find, it’s only been done twice before (in Goggle V and Dynaman). And since Mega, they’ve never used that animal again. Most of this episode centers on Kouichiro and his little brother, Shinji. It’s a nice bit of character building for both of them. All in all, this is a fun episodes. Enjoy it!


Also, Happy Halloween!


3 thoughts on “Megaranger 34

  1. The Goggle V version was fun; he was a wild west marksman and it lead to another great cosplay moment for the team (even if Kijima just repeated his bandito costume from the insane/awesome tapir episode earlier in the season)

  2. God damn i love this frickin show… all the haracters re so cute i even have a crush on yuusaku-san lol ❤

    keeep up the good work damn its late work in 3 hours :s

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