Zubat 31-32 [END]

Why'd this show have to end?



We’ve finally reached the end of Ken’s journey, and what a way to end it. Yabuki Jiro (Taki from Kamen Rider) joins the cast this week so be on the lookout for him. Strangely, the credits say that Isao Sasaki is in episode 31 as a detective, but we can’t find a trace of him. We suspect whatever scene he was in was, unfortunately, cut. With Zubat I’ve often found myself unable to write a decent blog entry about it. It’s such a unique show that speaks for itself and I think that anything I could tell you about the episode would spoil the fun. One of the neat things about this show is that you never know what’s going to happen. Sure, there’s a standard formula they follow, but you never know what Ken is going to be best at, or how he’s going to one-up the bad guys. Every episode is a mini adventure full of laughs and suspense. I really liked how Zubat could be incredibly silly one moment, and then incredibly dark the next.  Yet it wasn’t jarring. And as incompetent as Dakkar was, I never thought they were any less of a threat. They just happened to be second best. It’s been a real treat to work on this show and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

As a bonus we’ve made a lyrics page with translations for the three songs that appeared in Zubat. Check it out here



From the very first episode, I fell in love with Zubat and its amazing combination of surreality and charm. It may not always be the best show in the conventional sense — all tightly interwoven plotlines and carefully crafted characters — but there’s still something magical about it. It overflows with spirit and wild ideas in a way only 70s tokusatsu can.

Not many shows can pit a superhero against everyday human beings and make you root for the hero. Not many shows can create a hero so convincing in his vulnerability despite his being nominally invincible and diegetically the best at everything in the world.

That’s the magic of Zubat, and it’s my pleasure to have played a part in spreading that magic to everyone here. I hope you enjoy it to the very end.



I’d like to say I had a deep, emotional connection to Zubat that lead to my interest in the series, but the truth is that I just think Hiroshi Miyauchi is the best. Zubat has long been considered Miyauchi’s greatest role, and after I finished seeing the show, I felt like I could really see why. Hopefully you guys can, too.



Zubat and Ken, two sides of the same coin and yet still inseparable figures in their own right.  Whether battling against the minor henchmen of Dakkar or that week’s hired gun, both Ken and Zubat shined magnificently.  The show had amusing bad guys, clever Characters of the Week, two spunky tagalongs who followed Ken’s journey, along with a trusted friend in Tojo.  But Ken was the one who brought everyone a bit of joy with his cocky, yet well-played grin as he searched the countryside for his friend Asuka’s killer.

Did Zubat play to your expectations just as Ken played his guitar in every episode?  Was this the greatest attempt to bring you Zubat in his 32 glorious scene-stealing stories?  While I can only admit to a small part in MFC’s subbing of Zubat, I am not the second-best.  (or possibly even the third-best)  Those honors go to Kou, Megan and Lynx for starting down the path of burning winds with Zubat and inviting me along for the ride.  To them, I give thanks and to you, the viewer who traveled with us along this grand journey, I thank as well.

While Ken and Zubat’s journey may be over, we hope you truly enjoyed the experiences along with him.


17 thoughts on “Zubat 31-32 [END]

    • The MP4s are up in the Mega folder and the AVI of 32 is currently uploading, with 31 already being up. The reason it’s taken until now is that where I was staying Sunday-Tuesday had a power cut Monday and then when the power came back on the Internet was still down but now I’m home and the problem is my Internet is slow as hell.

  1. Good afternoon friend. I am writing to ask permission to translate the captions Kaekitsu Zubat to Portuguese of Brazil. Here, we enjoyed this sériee various Nipponese series but unfortunately, many do not have fluency in the language. I appreciate your attention and look positive response if possible. A hug from all of Brazil.

  2. watched this series with my husband. it started off really decent… but the problem was that it was far too repetitive and formulaic. And then the twist that occurs in the final episodes regarding Asuka’s killer… yeah it was unexpected… but also rather ridiculous and a bit anti-climatic. The actor that played Ken was really great though, so that’s a positive, I just wish there was more of a concerted effort made to make things truly serialized rather than essentially making this series the Tokusatsu equivalent of ‘The Fugitive’, with a lone man on a quest to find someone and never truly getting his man until the final episode.

    The individual episodes were rather dark and gritty, which was really cool, but the notion of one man being so incredibly good at every freaking thing under the sun was very suitable, but at times did border on the ridiculous as his skills seems to defy the laws of physics.

    its not a bad series, but not one I’m anxious to revisit.

    • I happen to be the husband mentioned by miss Pamela. She and I love watching tokusatsu programs together. some are obviously better than most as we have come to discover. there will be moments she likes that I don’t, and things that I like that she doesn’t. Regarding Zubat, it was a fun little series and a great showcase for its lead actor, who is essentially a genre veteran as well as a living legend in the genre, given his many varied and iconic roles throughout the years.

      I loved the western style motif and atmosphere for the most part, the idea of the lone hero going from town to town righting wrongs and fighting injustice. I loved that it was dark, gritty and violent, something that’s not easy to get away with given how ridiculous commercialized and kid friendly most toku programs tend to be now.

      anyway, I too was not really a fan of how repetitive, formulaic and monotonous the show got as it went along. Granted, I do understand that given that this series was meant to be shown on a weekly basis, things are kinda spaced out and it doesn’t really stand up to binge watching cuz that’s when the seems begin to show in its repetitive and formulaic structure. It would’ve been nicce if each villain mob boss provided a clue that is part of the overall puzzle that would lead Ken to finding out who truly killed his friend Asuka, as well as helping him to better understand how best to destroy Dakkar’s infrastructure. It also would’ve been nice if Boss L had actually done more than just talk with each subordinate and lay out exposition or provide plans and strategies or something. And yeah the twist that Boss L wasn’t the one that killed Asuka did not sit well with me, especially since no hint at there being a bigger boss that is above Boss L is ever mentioned or hinted at any any point except the final two or three episodes of the show. It literally came outta nowhere.

      plus, it would’ve been nice if Asuka’s surviving family, his sister and brother, or something, had actually done more in the series than just pop up randomly in each town Ken has arrived at, like they are following him around like lost puppies in the hopes that Kin will be able to lead them to Asuka’s killer, but they barely do anything to help push the narrative along, they just happen to be around as reminders that they are part of the show.

      The suit is cool, and that time limit thing is neat, but if you really watch it though, they do make mention of it for the purpose of dramatic tension, but again, watching the episodes back to back rob those moments of tension since you know that he’ll be fine and head off into the sunset for the next episode and so on.

      its a nice, watchable series, but not one that I’ll revisit any time soon.

  3. Do you still have the subtitle files? If so could you post a link to them here? I already have raws I just need the subtitles themselves. It would be a big help, I can’t seem to find them anywhere. I’m expecting this post to fall on deaf ears 😦

    And I agree with the post above, especially about Asuka’s sister. But the thing about these shows is that the special effects and fight scene choreography take center stage and the actual plot is more of an after thought to give the show purpose and nothing more (remember these are family programs). Most fans (including myself) just watch to see elaborate stunts, fancy poses, catch phrases, silly costumes and explosions. If you are coming in to this for plot development and character arcs, you are going to walk away empty-handed for the most part. These shows are indeed mind-numbingly repetitive and dumb but as you grow to love them, this repetition becomes more ritualistic as you know you can expect great action and awesome practical effects from each subsequent episode. I don’t advise marathoning these shows. It’s better to just watch three or so every other day, preferably on your tv rather than on your computer screen. Personally, I enjoyed this series for the most part but outside of some impressive choreography and Miyauchis’s hammed up performance, there is not much to see here.

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