Megaranger 31-32

Things are getting twisted.


I highly recommend you watch these two episodes both back to back like a movie for maximum enjoyment. There’s some amazing set pieces and model work here that is just mind blowing. It’s one of those things that just reminds why I love Tokusatsu so much. And I am dead serious when I say these are some of the best episodes of a Sentai series I have ever seen. If these two aren’t #1 then they are incredibly close. They’re wicked good.

Last week we saw that Nezirezia had a bit of a family bond, and these episode only further that. Dr. Hinelar  is amazing in these episodes, and he’s easily earned a top spot on my favorite villains list. He’s the kind of mad scientist who takes pride in his inventions and doesn’t think of them as simply tools for conquest and destruction. On the flip side you have Girell who just used Yugande for exactly that in the last episode. Hinelar is not a man you want to cross under any circumstances and Girell is about to learn that lesson. Slowly and thoroughly. While the villains are outstanding, the real hero of this “movie” is Galaxy Mega. Megaranger has always put a heavy focus on it’s mecha and these two episodes put even more focus on them. I don’t want to spoil anything, but Galaxy Mega is a true bro. Go grab some popcorn, maybe a nice drink too, and enjoy this little “movie.”


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