Zubat 27-28

It's that theme park again!


Sorry for being so late! Half the team was busy playing Pokemon (I played for 4 hours and 40 minutes straight on Satursay. I don’t have an addiction!). Anyways, these two episodes are really, really good but for this post I want to specifically focus on 28. Part of episode 28 takes place on Namegawa Island. Fans of Zyuranger might recognize this place from episode 36 where Geki and the gang spent an episode helping some kid find a pirate treasure. Namegawa Island was a real life theme park/zoo that sadly closed down in 2001.  Unlike that episode of Zyuranger, we don’t get to see too much of it in Zubat. It’s mentioned, and shown a bit but that’s about it. We do, however, get a very impressive shot of Zubat up on this tower on the island. I can’t imagine being up on that thing wearing the full Zubat suit. It is certainly one impressive stunt. Namegawa really had some beautiful scenery and I can see why Toei would film there. In fact, in 2004 they filmed part of the Kamen Rider Blade movie there. Even after being abandoned, it’s still a beautiful place. Zubat will be back in a few days, since these were technically last week’s episodes. Enjoy!

If you want to learn more about Namegawa and see some pics of it in it’s current state, check out this blog:



(The second link has a picture where you can see the tower Zubat stands on)



2 thoughts on “Zubat 27-28

  1. Hardsubs are in the folder and thank whatever deity you believe in that VidCoder fixed the bug from the last beta as HandBrake refused to burn the subs on Zubat for some reason.

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