Megaranger 30

And together they make the best team



This week, Shun gets amnesia! Girell does… Girell things! And Yugande is kinda lame (Sorry Capt. Bright). This is a pretty great episode about team bonds, and not just for our heroes. When I watched this I really got the sense that the main group of Nezirezia are like a family. They all seem to care about each other, with the exception of Girell but who likes him? Pay attention to Shiborena and Hinelar’s reactions to Girell’s actions in this episode and you’ll see what I mean. Now I’m gonna turn things over to our editor, Alkaid. She’s got a few things to say about this episode because I’m too full of Pokemon hype to write up a proper post.


Teamwork is a pretty prominent theme in Megaranger. It’s how 5 high-school kids (and a researcher desperate to not have to work) fight the forces of Nezirezia. And this episode explores 2 very different teams trying 2 very different forms of teamwork. (Want to guess which one is probably going to backfire horribly?) This episode acts as a stealth kickstart back into the plot as well, as Nezirezia deals with the fact that, guess what…it’s been 30 episodes and they’ve not gotten very far into that whole ‘conquering Earth’ thing. How will Megaranger fight back when Nezirezia decides to strike with a vengeance? And how will they survive when the team can’t fight back? Tune in to find out!


One thought on “Megaranger 30

  1. Hardsubs are up in the folder. It took a little longer this week, even though it probably didn’t seem like it from the outside world, as the usual encoding program stopped working after an update and for some reason even rolling back to an old version didn’t fix it so I had to find a new program and sort the settings out to get about the same file size/quality.

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