Megaranger 28-29

Do. NOT. Answer her.



Time for the weekly installment of Mega! Presented here are two really great episodes. Some of you will recognize episode 28 from season 1 of Akibaranger where Akagi makes a reference to Chisato and her Grandmother. It’s a funny episode with a some real touching moments thrown in. And hey, Chisato episodes are always pretty awesome in my book. The real star of this set though, is episode 29. It’s funny, creepy, gross, and amazing all at once. There’s also an incredible earworm of a song that’s not on any of the Megaranger albums. It’s gonna get stuck in your head big time. Grab some crepes, and whatever other snacks you can find, and enjoy this set. We’ll be back next week when things get… get. Umm… I forgot.



4 thoughts on “Megaranger 28-29

  1. What DDL folder? I can’t get these episodes on the bot on irc in the over time channel, and the torrents are dead. I see no link for downloads.

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