Zubat 22-23



And here is your weekly dose of Zubat (Noticing a pattern here? Apparently Zubat comes in pairs). This week Ken meets a young boxer, and finds out how he managed to ruin his father’s life without even knowing it. There’s plenty of boxing action to be had, and the story ain’t hald bad either! In our second adventure Ken runs into a family of sisters who are fighting over their Father’s inheritance. Can Hayakawa Connect this broken family? Or will their greed drive them apart? And of course the shadow of Dakkar is never far behind! So sit back, and enjoy some high flying, whip crackin’ action! Next week, Ken continues to Ride the Wind in his search for vengeance! Is… is there love in the air? Don’t miss it!

And remember: Zubat’s stunts are very dangerous, so don’t try them at home!


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