Kaiketsu Zubat 1-17

You're only second best





Every other Tokusatsu is only second best. Which one is the best? You’re looking at it.

Are you surprised? We secretly worked on this show in between Megaranger episodes. Presented here are 17 episodes (aka half) of the legendary show known simply as The Magnificent Zubat. Zubat is the story of Hayakawa Ken, a private detective, who sees his best friend shot dead in front of him.  Now he’s out to find the killer, and get revenge for his friend’s murder. He does this by completing his friend’s research project, the Zubat Suit! Using this suit Ken gains super strength, and as Zubat he makes sure evil pays (I just spoiled the opening song for you, sorry!). This sounds pretty dark, but don’t worry! Zubat has plenty of lighthearted wackiness to go along with it’s more dark, and sinister moments. You’re going to laugh, and then gasp at every episode, without fail. At times it’s like Adam West Batman, and other times it’s the Dark Knight. It’s a wonderful fusion, and every episode is masterfully crafted. To add to the awesomeness, the opening and ending songs are sung by the legendary Ichiro Mizuki who injects his signature style into every verse. Ken himself is portrayed by Hiroshi Miyauchi who might be best known as Big One in JAKQ Dengekitai, and Kamen Rider V3 from… Kamen Rider V3. He was also AoRanger in Himitsu Sentai Goranger, and Chief Miura in Chouriki Sentai Ohranger. Oh, and did I mention that this show was created by the legendary Shotaro Ishinomori, one of the most renown manga artists ever? He even has a cameo! This sounds too perfect, doesn’t it? There gotta be a downside to this show, right? No. In my own biased opinion, Zubat lives up to his claim of being #1.  I hope you enjoy this tragic story about a wandering hero and his quest for revenge. Zu-BAT!

Special thanks to Hikari-Senshi for timing episodes 1-10.


16 thoughts on “Kaiketsu Zubat 1-17

  1. Do you mind if I translate the scripts to spanish?

    I’ll give proper credit and I’m not going to re-encode nothing, only adding spanish subs

  2. I was confused for a moment because I thought Hikari Senshi had done this. And then I thought that it was a joint project for some reason. Regardless, I am excited for this. Thanks for the release!

      • Hi, I have another question.
        I know for Goseiger, you said this would be released in batches.
        For Megaranger, you said the first 20-ish episodes would be released as a batch, then each episode would be released individually (I don’t know if this plan has changed or not.).
        But what about Zubat? Will it be released in batches or per episode?

  3. We have never talked before and i never really leave comments on fansub pages, but i just want you to know that for this, i love you.

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